The WP.com Themes project is curated list of themes—free and premium—released on WordPress.com.

The idea behind creating a site for themes released on WordPress.com was inspired by the fact that third party themes are no longer blogged about. There was a time, however, when premium themes were blogged about by WordPress.com. Those posts were great resources. Aside from knowing about new themes available on WordPress.com, the comments left by users were generally insightful and interesting, especially as a theme author. So, here we are…

The goal with this project is to create a community resource for those interested in new themes released—free or premium—on WordPress.com. Posts are currently limited, generally consisting of a full page screenshot and short description. Ideally, more thorough overviews would be posted in future. In all reality, this site is somewhat of an experiment. Using the WordPress.com platform as it continually evolves has been a good learning experience.Cheers!

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