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  1. Hi i realy like this theme however i need some help, on wordpress.com it allows me to add a website logo but on wordpress.org i can only ass a site icon not an actual logo. Can you help, is there a way to ass a site logo on WP ORG? Thanks

  2. Hi – I’m trying to find the very nice Lodestar theme for use on my self-hosted WordPress. It seems that I can’t find it on wordpress.org – is that correct? Is it possible to download from somewhere?


  3. Hi! I installed Lodestar theme for my self-hosted site but some features are missing. On WordPress.com I was able to customize the font, and add Portfolio and Testimonials. Any idea how I can use these features on my self-hosted site? It’s not showing up in the CUSTOMIZE or admin left-nav panel. Thanks!

  4. Hi Luke, Lodestar lets you select a static front page from your list of pages to show. However, It overrides the color and size of the body fonts when showing it as the default home page — I need to modify it so the fonts appear white since I made a blue background. Please advise for static front page (or front page) text editing, or Custom CSS to affect this home page text size and color. This is a site that is in staging mode, so I am not able to show you what I am talking about….

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