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  1. Hi i realy like this theme however i need some help, on wordpress.com it allows me to add a website logo but on wordpress.org i can only ass a site icon not an actual logo. Can you help, is there a way to ass a site logo on WP ORG? Thanks

  2. Hi – I’m trying to find the very nice Lodestar theme for use on my self-hosted WordPress. It seems that I can’t find it on wordpress.org – is that correct? Is it possible to download from somewhere?


  3. Hi! I installed Lodestar theme for my self-hosted site but some features are missing. On WordPress.com I was able to customize the font, and add Portfolio and Testimonials. Any idea how I can use these features on my self-hosted site? It’s not showing up in the CUSTOMIZE or admin left-nav panel. Thanks!

  4. Hi Luke, Lodestar lets you select a static front page from your list of pages to show. However, It overrides the color and size of the body fonts when showing it as the default home page — I need to modify it so the fonts appear white since I made a blue background. Please advise for static front page (or front page) text editing, or Custom CSS to affect this home page text size and color. This is a site that is in staging mode, so I am not able to show you what I am talking about….

  5. Thank you great theme! I just have one small problem: I need to translate “leave a comment” and “posted by” on posts but I can’t find them anywhere in the theme. Where can I modify them ?

    • Translations on WordPress.com are a community effort and anyone can help make translations more complete. If you found a few strings in Lodestar that need to be translated into your language, I’d recommend contributing to the translations.

      Below is a link to the Lodestar translations page on WordPress.com. On that page, you’ll want to select the language you want to make translations for. From there, you’ll be able to see all the string that have currently been translated along with any strings that still need translations. There is an “Untranslated” at the top of the strings table.


      Feel free to help translate as many strings as you’d like. Once you’ve suggested a new translation, it will be submitted to WordPress.com for a review and later published if all goes well.

      I hope that helps give some insight to translations on WordPress.com.

      • I’ll be glad to help but this urgent matter and I can’t wait for it to be reviewed and everything so untill I do so I guess there must be a way to translate it directly from the .php files by modifying the text isn’t there ?

        • If you have access to the theme files you can do a search for the text strings that need changed. That said, I’m not sure how the translations on WP.com will work for the self-hosed version of the theme. This would be a better question for WP.com who are also responsible for the theme. It might be a good idea to reach out to them so the theme can be properly translated if need be.

  6. Hi, great theme, but I can’t get the social media icons to work (self hosted) and I’d like to change the footer to use my website name, is this a paid option?

    • Hi Paul! The social links requires the Jetpack plugin to be enabled and likely connected to WordPress.com. Once that is done, you will have a new menu location called “Social Links” via the Customizer > Menus. The WordPress.com documentation is basically the same for self-hosted installs:


      The footer text for self-hosted themes can be changed by overriding the theme files. I’d recommend using a child theme and then creating a new file in `components/footer/site-info.php`. There is more on how to use a child theme to customizer your theme here:


      Other than that, you should be good to go. Please keep in mind the child theme customizations may be a bit advanced for some people and may require reaching out to a developer. If you’re looking for a good developer, I’d recommend Anna DiTommaso over at Creative80 or someone at WP Site Care:

      Creative80 – https://www.creative80.com
      WP SIte Care – https://www.wpsitecare.com

  7. Hi there, and thanks for a fantastic theme! Do you have any experiences in using a video as background on the frontpage? Thanks a lot // Mikkel

    • I don’t believe Lodestar has built in functionality to use a video as background. Some themes may include WordPress integration for Video Headers which could be customized to be a fixed background. In anycase, a decent amount of work would need to be done for this.

  8. Hello! I was wondering how do I make my homepage similar to the one in the picture, with several pictures/header and section (for wordpress org, but maybe your way too). Thanks for sharing!

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